16 year old Katie O'Connor, Molly's cousin speaks frankly about her cousin and the song she wrote, soon to be launched on itunes with all proceeds going to the Molly NcNally Miracle Trust.

"When you are told something that changes everything, you really don't know what to do. You can cry, be angry, feel guilty, but doing that won't change anything. When someone you love becomes ill, and not just ill like a flu, ill as in "this is serious", what do you do ? There are no words to describe how you feel. There's just too many emotions, but all I know is you could never feel worse when you get that news."

"I have a five year old cousin called Molly, She has just started school and is so beautiful She was diagnosed with cancer,my first thoughts;"this is not just the flu,it's serious" At first I didn't no what to do, but who would ?"

"Her life now revolves around a hospital She has lost all of her beautiful red hair She has never lost that big smile on her face."

"When something like this happens you want to do every thing possible to help. This is why I wrote this song...."

"When I started I didn't know what to write ? What to say ? How to say it ? As I wrote it, it seemed to just come to me, like I was telling a story and not a song. I want people to listen to this and understand what Molly is going through, and what my family are going through. It's not fair what has happened, but now that it has we need people to know about it. We need help. We can't do this alone."